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Medium Rare T-Bone Steak Recipe

Luisella Calabrese October 13, 2020 Cooking

Before we cook this,i will introduce you the level of maturity the meat for knowledge :

And lets start it!

Ingredients :

Steps :

  1. If you keep the T-bone steak on the refrigerator,left it and let it cool in the room temperature for 30-60 minutes before cook it.
  2. Remove water on the steak with paper towel,make it dry.
  3. Preheat the oven set to 218°C.
  4. Prepare a large cast iron,bring to the oven for 5 minutes until high heat.
  5. Meanwhile,coat the steak with olive oil on the both sides.Seasoning with black pepper and salt.
  6. Remove the cast iron,add some olive oil.Transfer the steak to cast iron,cook for 2 minutes in each sides.Be careful with this step because the cast iron is very hot,you can use spatula to help you.
  7. Add butter,rosemary and garlic then transfer the cast iron to the oven soon.
  8. Bake for medium rare (2-3 minutes) set to 54°C.
  9. Then keep out from the oven,let it cool from 5 minutes for juicy result.And bring to cutting board,slice to strips.Serve without or with the bone.


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