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Japanesse Chicken Egg Rolls

Luisella Calabrese September 14, 2020 Cooking

Its simple recipe to cooking,suitable for waste your time at home.Japanesse Chicken Egg Rolls most popular in Indonesia because easy and fast food categories.Must try it!

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Ingredients :

For the skin :

For the chicken filling :

Additional ingredients :

Steps :

  1. Mix all ingredients for making the skin,you can use mixer for a better texture.In other you can use whisk as well.
  2. On the a non stick pan,add a little bit of oil or butter to make the skin,pour one ladle at a time until the mixture is finished.
  3. While waiting for the skin to cool,lets prepare the chicken.
  4. Into a food processor,add the chicken,egg white,garlic and other ingredients as you like and mix them until its fully mixed up.
  5. Use 1 or 2 skins per rolls depending on how thick you want it to be when its served.
  6. Spread the chicken into the skin and roll it until all of the chicken mixture is over and cover it with aluminium foil one by one.
  7. Place all the covered rolls into the streamer and steam them for half an hour.
  8. Once its done,remove the aluminium foil,cuts each rolls into thick slices and fry them.
  9. Serve it with hot sauce,mayonnaise or ketchup.And Japanesse Chicken Egg Rolls ready to eat!


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