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Custard Tart Easy Recipe

Luisella Calabrese October 16, 2020 Cooking

This dish contain :

Ingredients :

For the Pastry :

For the Custard :

Steps :

  1. First,chuck the butter with the flour.Add little of salt and the lemon zest,mix until like breadcrumbs.Bring the egg,milk and sugar mix until combined form a batter (You can keep the batter for 2 days in room temperature)
  2. Spread some flour in the surface,roll the pastry on the surface make it to 20cm like baking sheet shape(circle) and exaggerate 2cm from the edge.Let it for 30 minutes.
  3. Preheat the oven set to 180°C,bake the beans on the other baking sheet for 20 minutes then take out the beans.Bring the number two on the oven,bake for 20minutes until biscuit texture.Take out and reduce heat the oven to 140°C.
  4. Prepare a pot,add milk,vanilla pod,cream,little chopped nutmeg and lemon zest.Meanwhile,mix the egg yolks with sugar until pasty.Spread with cream and hot milk,filter the custard to the jug.Wait settle for few minutes,remove the froth.
  5. Prepare the tart case then sprinkle the custard carefully,bring the nutmeg on the top bake for 40 minutes.Then  remove from oven,cut the rest pastry edges.Let it cool before serving,you can sprinkle with nutmeg again if you like.And ready to eat



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